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Christmas time is not just for one season of the year, 
it is for all seasons. It did not happen to be celebrated 
as a "holiday", but as an event - a Grand Event that 
ushers in the coming of redemption for My children, 
the lambs, by My Son - the Lamb of God. 

Your true worship must come from within, not from 
without. It can only be taught to you when you hear 
the truth and then respond to it. It is easy to forget 
what Christmas Time means because the world does 
not hear the truth spoken or lived out. 

Righteousness is what I produce in you when you are 
abiding in Me. That righteousness begins to fill the 
land and produces a crop of righteousness - My Truth 
prevails. If there is no righteousness in me, there is 
no truth. Apart from Me you can do nothing.

When you seek to please me, you seek Heaven. In 
seeking Heaven you obtain Glory, Yes, I, the Father 
share MY GLORY with you.
That is the true Christmas. 
You receive MY SON and you become My son or 
daughter in return. Do not celebrate Christmas as a 
holiday, but as a Grand Event to be experienced daily.