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What a magnificent truth to know that the Father 
above and His Son, Jesus, rule and reign in the 
heavenlies. It is not some made up story or ghost 
from the past or event that was never planned to 
take place. This truth in essence has been an eternal 
truth. The presence of the Father has always been 
been there. The presence of the Son likewise. The 
Spirit bears witness to this truth in Holy Scripture and 
in each child’s heart who belongs to God. 

The Holy Spirit bears witness also the fact that as sons 
of God we are co-heirs with Christ…I Am the one who 
seals you for the Father’s Kingdom…I Am the one who 
chooses you for the work of the coming kingdom and you 
share this Glory with the angels, each giving praise to God. 
It is a Magnificent scene that takes place in Heaven at 
the beginning of the New Age and it shall have no end 
says the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit of God. 

Rejoice over this, you saints, and be exceedingly glad 
that you have been chosen, for many have been called, 
but few are chosen.
To be chosen-
you must chose me and 
Chose me-