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The Resurrection Morning

The Resurrection Morning shines down through the ages.
It tells of My Son's going to the earth to bring new life.
Its majesty in the heavens knows no equal.

As the day broke forth that morning, My Son was glorified.
He broke forever the chains that bound you to sin, death and the Evil One.

What a glorious morning, a day of rejoicing has come to My heart.
My children have been redeemed and made whole by the blood of My Son.

My Son is the Lamb who was slain and rose again from the dead.
He came to back to life again by My Hand,
much like the child who is born into this earth
is quickened and breathes at birth by My Hand.

My Holy Spirit prepares that one for My Spirit
to bring the resurrection power into his spirit
and seal him as My child when he choses Me with all his heart.

Rejoice with Me this day my children. It is done.