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Witnessing to others about the importance of getting into My Presence is paramount. 
You can't stress this enough to My people. 

They must begin to take their place in Me to succeed in this hour. 
What must I do to convince My lambs of the importance of doing so? 
I cannot and will not force this on them. 

They must desire to move with My Spirit within them. 
They must know, that to allow My Spirit to go unheeded is a grave mistake. 

My Spirit is leading My lambs, who are willing to listen, 
into the Holy of Holies, into My very Presence. 
I am doing this for a very good reason. 

My children must move as I lead. 
They must press in to know Me and know My Will as I move. 

It is necessary so that they will follow Me. 
As they follow Me, many others will follow Me too.