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Watch Me

Watch Me, love you.
Watch Me, conquer your enemies.
Watch me, take care of you and keep you by My side.

You desire intimacy with Me and you shall have it.
Desiring intimacy with Me
means spending time with Me and devoting your thoughts to Me.

I can scarcely bridge the gap between us without tears.
You cannot imagine the love I have for you and for My children who love me.

I am more to them than they will ever know.
I will come and dwell within each of you and make My abode with you
when you ask Me into your life.
Dwell on what that means.

You become part of Me and My Divine Nature abides in you.
I long after you just as you do Me.

When your spirit and My Spirit are in tune to each other, Oh the Joy.

Oh the excitement to be communing together in one accord.