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When My children come to Me, I am overjoyed. 
When My children know Me and desire to be like Me, My Heart rejoices. 
I put in them a new song to sing and give them a joyous heart. 
My peace reigns in their hearts and truth abounds. 

My Presence cleanses you from your iniquity and unrighteousness. 
My Presence perfects your mind, heart and soul. 
Your spirit soars with My Spirit in the Heavens and you extol My Name. 

My Presence is the epitome of living. 
Life with Me is having reached the zenith.

You climb a mountain to reach the top. 
I am the Top of the Mountain. 
I am the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and the Omega. 

I faint not. 
Neither will I allow you, my children, 
who call upon My Name and dwell with Me, to perish from My Sight. 

Each of you is dear to Me.
What joy fills Me at the very thought of each of My dear children.