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CHRISTMAS in My Kingdom is Christ coming to the 
earth to fulfill my purposes. It was a grand plan for 
salvation and the awakening of my promise upon the 
earth. One of Savior, a lamb for the redemption of the 
world, who would be Counselor, Prince of Peace, King 
of All 

It is not possible to describe My Father's joy in sending me. 
My Father yet gets tears when He thinks of His lambs that 
He shall redeem from the curse of sin, death and Satan. 
It is not easy to proclaim the "Good News" when people are 
not longing for it or searching for the meaning of their lives 
or salvation by My Son. 

It is rather discouraging to take this grand event and 
commercialize it in a marketable commodity ­ packaged 
up for the consumer and done up by the marketplace. It 
seems like the same situation My Son found when on earth 
and He had to overturn the tables in the temple for all the 
buying and selling going on ­ but there was no true worship 
of Me. No true love for Me ­ it was more duty than admiration. 

It does not make any sense to have a Savior sent, a Prince 
of Peace, a King, if no one is desiring one. Who can stand 
in such an hour? Only those who seek me with all their heart ­ 
for those have I sent My Son for they have responded to My call 
and they comfort My heart this day