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The conquest of My love for you is your greatest quest.

Itís easy to fail me, even disappoint me, but failing to seek me
or desire my fellowship is very grave to My child who is close to Me.

It wonít matter the how you come or the
words, but it is the intent of your heart.
I see your heart and it longs after me, My
child. It doesnít matter to you that I can
see all-
you come-
that makes Me happy.
It makes you sad because you know how
imperfect you seem to Me. I am only
interested in your love for Me.

It will not and shall not interfere with our
love or My purposes if you keep coming
to Me for all.
Just donít delay and donít
try to figure things out for yourself or
listen to the urgings within that you are
not worthy enough. Put it away.
Begin to
step up your activities-
run the good race Ė
eat My Word-
write down My words of truth
and comfort-
make your abode in Me - for
I have asked My Father to cover you richly
richly with His Grace and protected love.

His mercies are never-ending towards His
lambs. See yourself as "His little one, His
care, His desired one, His delight, His Grand

Yes, My Daddy is your Daddy and He
delights in you.
Strive to make your
abode with and in Us each day, each of
you, for it shall change the whole world,
but more, it will fulfill your deepest
longings for your Lord.
Fear not that
I am far from theeÖ