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Your fruit tastes so good.
It is delicious as you said. It feeds the heart, mind, and the spirit.
It feeds the very soul of manů
It is there because of My Love.
I desire to see My children bear fruit in season and out of season-
for what gain is there if the fruit is eaten only as it ripens.
The fruit I give ripens as you partake of it.

I AM the Light of the World, but the world receives me not.
You are the light of the world through Me and the hour has come
that the Son of Man shall once again be glorified in His Body, the Church.

The church are My fruit bearers and they will obtain their fruit
by fellowshipping with their God and Creator, Jesus Christ and the Heavenly Father.
The Holy Spirit will be your Guide and Comforter. He will lead you into My
truths and administer My power. It is even so now-
that those in Christ shall be first and those of this world shall be last.
There is no middle. You are mine or you are dead.
You have the Light of God within you or you are living in darkness and the
prince of this world is your reward.
Who can say that I have not been just?
I have given My Son and many have rejected Him for no just cause.
I am weary of waiting for the day approaches when My Body, My Beloved Church,
who heard My cry of love, came running.
They shall inherit the earth and all that I possess shall be theirs.
I am a happy and contented Father because of My children and I long to be with them.
This will be a time that is soon.
Bear much fruit, again I say, for it is delicious and good for My Lambs to eat.
Distribute it to all the lambs to eat of to the full-
for this is a foretaste of heaven.
Resist the temptation to not do My Will each day-
Do it and live-
Bear My fruit among My lambs.