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You are the bright and morning star in our lives, 
Oh Lord, and You bring healing in Your wings.
You bring hope, cheer and thanksgiving  back to our hearts. 
You bring the remembrances of happy times  and precious moments with You,  and others to our mind,
so that  we can be refreshed by them. 
When sadness comes, You donít forsake us  or scold us-
You simply give us Your  loving arms to cry in and You comfort  us with words of love. 
It brings hope back to us that nothing  can separate us from Your love. 
It gains momentum as we speak forth Your  words of faith and truth that You provide  us with in our hearts. 
You speak to us and then we speak them forth. 
The enemie's power is broken and we are revived. 
Perhaps that is the most wonderful thing of all Ė  that not only is your hope restored,
  but your faith in My love and caring of you. 
I will not be mocked by the enemy. 
I care for my children and I will not  leave them or forsake them. 
This is not only for you,  but for all My lambs. 
Take courage and go forth in My power.