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Something Beautiful

Something beautiful thatís what you are Lord. 
Yes, Wonderful, Counselor, Prince of Peace, 
Magnificent One, Glorious Father, Precious One, 
Beloved, Master, Loyal Friend, Bridegroom, 
Faithful, Slow to Anger, Holy is Thy Name Ö 
Merciful are your ways.

When we are sinners and proud, when we are angry 
and overwhelmed, when we are sad and distraught or 
even happy and merry, your thoughts are always on us. 
Perhaps that is too hard for us to comprehend, but it is 
true for the child who belongs to you, Lord. 

You have no other motives other than loving and perfect- 
ing us for yourself. You canít wait to have us near you 
and shower us with this love and companionship. I am 
amazed at your longing and pining over your Beloved Ones. 
It is like a suitor who canít wait for his wedding day to 
come. You have a wedding day prepared for us, Oh 
Precious Bridegroom, Glorious Father, to whom no 
man has ever seen the like. You prepare it with tender, 
warm blessings for your Bride. 

It will come quickly and be of great joy.
It will not end.
It will not become old, tedious or worn out, but instead be 
kept fresh, new and alive by your hand. The fruit of it will 
be luscious and sweet that hangs from the Bride and each 
shall have itís fill of it. 
The vine is my Son and I am the supplier and tender of this 
fruit says the Lord and I am the one who will cause a great 
banquet with it.
Prosper now you who are fruit bearers for it shall provide much 
glory in my coming Kingdom. My grace I give unto you Ė 
Bear much fruit.