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You have the light of life, Oh Sweet Lord, Sweet One. 
You are the Bread of Life and the King of Kings, yet you  are My Friend and Master-
both at the same time.
How fortunate for man that you have given him eternal life by your making the sacrifice of dying in our place. 
If it were up to man, this never would have taken place. 
Man would have found a way to solve it he thinks by negotiation or violence.
I am the Alpha and Omega and I change not.
If I did not allow rebellion in the heavenly realm, then I do not allow rebellion in My children here on earth.

It is simple. Life with Me is your acceptable  sacrifice.
It is not easy to go to the cross each day, but you must remember that as you do your awareness of sin becomes dulled. 
You decrease and I increase.
You are crucified with Christ and are not subject to the laws of this world or the judgements of it.
You are a separate and particular people who are then set aside for Christ-
for His Church and the Bride. 
Continue to render unto Me your sacrifices of praise
and thanksgiving and I shall in return direct your paths in righteousness
and this shall bring much glory to My Father and to His Kingdom. 
I shall not return and find My death and resurrection to be for nothing or see My Spirit return void from My Church.
It shall be a living Church with living stones and a steeple, which is Christ, their Lord as the head.
I release you all to go and bear fruit in this hour and be about the Fatherís  business.
Go and do as you are told. 
Let My Light sine forth in you and in mankind for all to see the glory
that is coming and will soon appear to all who believe on me. 
It is not going to be a pleasant coming for some, but for My Church and Bride, it will be a glorious day indeed.
Bring your tithes and offerings into my storehouse, for I have need of your giving and releasing of your goods,
materially and spiritually for the hour is here to give out to bring others in. 
Do it exactly as I lead you and you will see marvelous deeds done in My Name.
It is also necessary that you behave in such a manner that all will find you,
My people, pleasing and of good report.
Sell off your excesses and give them to Me to use for this work of harvesting. Do it now. Do it quickly.