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Tell Me when you are sad and lonely 
And I will come and fix it. 
Tell Me when you are mad and angry 
And I will send you My grace. 
Tell me when your heart is braking 
For all the doubts and fears 
you experience  
I will know what to remedy it with. 
Most important, when your heart is 
longing for fellowship with me-
Tell Me. 
Let me hear your voice crying out to Me 
above all the other noises that come from 
the earth. 
I long for that cry, that yearning from the 
heart of My child for Me. 
I cannot tell you enough to come 
To Me for your all. 
I will not only give you rest, 
But give you eternal joy to walk 
This earth with. 
Count it all joy to know Me 
And walk with Me daily. 
I am yours as truly as you are Mine.
Rejoice in that with Me and come walk 
With Me.