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We Are Able (You and I)

We are able to do all things together when you are attached to the vine as the scriptures says.
The vine is my Son, the Gardener is Me, Your Heavenly Father. 

If I choose to correct you or prune you for greater yield, then trust Me to bring satisfactory results. The results will only make sense to you as the wisdom of it unfolds, as you fellowship with Me. Your thoughts become captive to My Spirit moving within you. You begin to see them as I reveal them. This is great victory for you and My children who seek after Me and desire My ways. My will becomes their will in all ways. 

This is impossible for the carnal mind to grasp, but the Spirit-man understands it and has little trouble invoking My power within. If you do not believe it is possible to obtain, then seek Me in this and you, My child, shall surely find it true. My child who seeks for Me with all their heart, shall know the truth-
I have ordained it to be so. For I set it in motion by the blood of My Son, and whom the Son sets free, is free indeed.

You doubt My love at times because your earthly cares and your own weaknesses make you feel weak. Know that I see you differently. I see you struggling and I come and encourage your heart and strengthen you much like I did My Son while He was on the earth. I am a caring, loving Father who entreats you to come and let Me strengthen your inner man and quicken you with My Love. Then you can face your world and do My will each day. 

I am longing for the day when My Kingdom will be set up and life together with My children will be complete. This is not afar off. Be content to love Me and let Me use you for this purpose-
to bring others to My saving grace. You are Mine-

I am the vine,  you are the  branches, and  and my Father is the Gardener..John 15:1