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Wishing for things will not make them come true. 
I wish you to know Me, but the response must come from you. 
I know you by name as I do my other children, but there again, 
the response is of your choosing. 

I choose life for you, many choose death. 
Many choose to follow their own way and are careless with 
the life I have given them. I choose joy and happiness for My 
children in My Kingdom with Me, but many reject such an offer 
of love, to forsake what they could have for cheap thrills and 
moments of sin. 

It is hard when you lose a good sheep because they wandered 
away on their own and were swept away by some calamity. 
I Am the Good Shepherd and I know My sheep and they know 
My voice. Please be patient with my sheep all those of you 
who are part of my flock. Bear one anotherís burdens and all 
stand in the gap for them in times of trouble. You are like My 
Son, the Shepherd, on earth. He lives through you and guides 
you and others in paths of righteousness. 

Please make the journey a pleasant one by following close to 
Him and let His life and power and love sustain you and all 
until the day when He comes in triumph for His Church.
Behold, the nations have seen a great light-
Jesus Christ the Lord.