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When you think of proper, think of Me.
I am a proper God. 
I am a Kingly Prince to All. 

The gifts I give are gifts of love, joy,
magnificient peace that is not of this
world, and understanding that gives
you wisdom and strength. 

What about hope?
Is it proper to give My children hope in this dying world. 

Is it proper to give you My power and faith 
to abide in? 

You look at Me, at times, like I am afar off.
My little ones, I am right here in you.

Properly, My gifts and Presence are only given to
those, who called, answered that call of love.

You cannot and will not be partakers of Me or My
kingdom unless that is what you choose.
If you desire Me, then tell me so.

It is proper for you to give Me an answer to My call. 
It is also proper for you to then live with Me daily. 
If you chose to lack understanding on this or any 
daily struggle, then it will seem impossible to reach
Me even though I am right there with you.

In order to prosper in Me, you must trust Me with your lives.
If you cannot, ask Me for My Grace.
If you feel unloving, ask Me for My Love.
If you have your eyes on Me, you will not fall into the temptation of rejecting Me and not fellowshipping with Me. 

The way that is apart from Me is dark, empty and fruitless.
Pray much and keep vigilant for I am coming soon.