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Time and time again, the fruit of the Spirit is displayed in My children.
My Spirit allows the children of God to display all manner of
fruit when they abide in the Vine of My Son, Jesus.

Jesus  will attest to the power of His Name when it is used by My children. 
When you see the enemy coming into your midst with sin or
sickness, stand against him in His Name and drive him from the
midst of you. 

Tell Me by prayer of all you needs and cares so that you may know that your burdens are being share by Me and your faith can operate in the situation instead of fear and doubt.

What I have promised you must chose to believe that it may operate in the the physical realm of your life.
It is not possible or even logical to try to figure out what I will to do, but watch, wait and be willing instead instead to do I tell you to do.

If you watch and wait,
then your heart has a chance to grow in faith that will give birth this into coming into being.
Believe and you shall have the things  that I have promised and much more for those who are abiding in Me, their Master.
If it weren’t so, I would tell you plainly.

But as you can see, the situations of life are meant to mold and also to shape you according to My purposes.
It will happen time and again  that as you provide the faith, I will provide the promised answer.