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Momentary is a word for moment.
It is an action word-
it means "now".
It escapes man that I only work in the now.
Remember this fact when you come into My Presence.
What I see and I do is for you now-
not yesterday or for tomorrow-
I know exactly your need for today and that is what I fulfill.

It isn’t possible to bring tomorrow’s blessing to you today.
Today is Yours and Mine together.
I watch over you tenderly and jealously to keep you and sustain you.

My Father says that I must obey in all ways.
I must be that channel of salvation and love to all His children every day that they are ordained on this earth as "His Children".
I, His Son, must prove, to all, the mercies of Him who sent Me and allow the plan of salvation and restoration to come forth as He ordains.

For the moment, we are partners in this plan and My Father’s will is that we be obedient to His will in all things.
I am One with the Father and He chooses that you be One in Us, also.

Do you see your place in this?
Do you comprehend that "now" is the time to be moving His will?
Ask Him to show you His will and do it….