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The salt of the earth and the light of the world, that is who My people are
to this world. I am the truth that bears witness to this truth.
It wasnít because the men of old wrote about me that changed
menís lives, but My Spirit moving in the through them. It wasnít because the times
were so difficult, for they were much the same as they are now. No, it was
because My Father ordained that man would be a vessel to be filled
with His Spirit. He sent His Son to accomplish this and restore
to Him what had been lost through Adamís rebellion and

The salt is My Presence. I preserve you and keep you fresh, who in turn,
keep My people from spoiling. It keeps them from the deceit, lies and licentious living that is the natural spirit of this world.
My Father made this world and He has ordained that it shall again
be His by force of His Spirit.
To be the salt in the earth (His shaker), you must
press ever nearer to Him-
desiring what He has chosen for you more than life.