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The time is short and will be shorter still for the enemy of your souls is at the door and is angry.
He is bitter and ready to do battle against all My saints.
He claims victories when they are actually defeats.
He thinks he knows no bounds, when he is in reality being constantly thwarted on all sides by the power of My Kingdom.

Angels have rally against him, moreover My love is defeating him and he knows it. The real truth is that he is afraid of all who are abiding in the vine because they are proving him wrong. He was so sure he was right-
that the course he chose would lead to victory, but instead it has only brought him misery and death.
He is convinced that the Truth will not prevail against what he has planned for the world. It will read like a fiction novel that will come true is what he thinks and is sured in his mind that he can do it.
That is the arrogance of pride personified. What a calamity awaits the child who listens to such things, such dribble I call it. It is made of cardboard and paste and has no merit or foundation. It speaks of mighty things, but can’t produce the real thing.

I AM the real thing. I AM the real thing and he is the counter-feit. Don’t be fooled by his lies and by his depravity.
Cast this nonsense out of your lives and follow Me your Lord and King of All.
It will not benefit you one iota, one dime or ounce to follow after the evil one or his ways.

If you want victory, then work hard for it-
It is yours and you
must choose. Stand up to the evil one now and cast him
away from youself and your house. Be not lazy lest he would prevail
against you and you would become spiritually weak.
Resist him in your lives by My Spirit and become an overcomer. It is simple –
Do as I say and live. Delay and become an example of his deceit in this world. Do it NOW-
The time is NOW – For the time is short and will be shortened even still…

Love, Your Dad