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Walking with Me is taking the time that is necessary to get
to know Me and My will for your life-
then expressing it daily
through fellowship with Me. Although you are remember-
ing to pray, My children, you are failing to "walk" with Me.

Walking with Me requires trusting and living for Me and not living for oneís self. It is only for the child who desires that I be Lord of their lives. It is not for the child who desires their way.
It isnít true that all you get from such a relationship is servitude. It is so much more. It is a daily persisting with Me as My hands, My feet and My
spokemen in this world. It is for you, each of you, that I come to
this earth to rescue and deliver. My Father promises to keep
you "safe from Satanís powers"-
for to those that belong to Me
did He promise to do this and more in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Men wrote about Me and My deeds-
you I call to walk with Me,
My children, as they did and write about Me and walk with Me as
well for the time is now to do so and live.