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Oh, My Precious Daddy, I love You.

You are so loving, patient and kind-hearted.

You never cease to amaze me with Your love and
tender ways.

Mercy and forgiveness are Yours alone.
You spoke and all life was made.
You greatest delight is to see Your love brought to fruition in Your children.

Those that You have chosen will see the Highest Heaven
where You sit "high and lifted up" and Your Majesty will 
be forever.

You speak and all the heavens wait and watch-
for You to
speak is "heaven itself". 
Heaven wouldnít be "heaven" if You were not there.

You are the reason that Your children long for their eternal
home and look so forward to coming home.

Itís because their "Precious Daddy" will be there and will come to greet them when they arrive. 
What a joy unspeakable for the lambs who know Christ to see
him presenting each one to the Heavenly Father with such joy
and expectancy.

For the Son knows of the Fatherís longing like no other. 
It is not afar off-
this picture of joy and delight, for the Father
says that it cannot happen until His lambs have been perfected.
This is the time of being "proven" and molded and changed into His image and that of His Son. 

Once done, the hour shall come upon us quickly.